The Dirt on Septic Solutions

Although Septic Solutions officially started in 1998, our family has been in the septic and excavation business since the 1960's. And as the boss likes to say, we've been dealing with $!@% for three generations. That time and history has afforded a depth of learning and process that is difficult to come by any other way. For example, because we have worked in so many geographic areas and neighborhoods, we can often pre-empt complications with:
  1. Soil conditions
  2. Town Inspector and licensing challenges
  3. Water table and runoff issues, etc.
We come better prepared which saves you time and money. But don't just take our word for it. See some of our references and reviews.

Our Mission

Our mission is really quite simple... take care of our customers. Some time ago when we hit an underground, unmarked power cable in a customer's yard (a cable that should have been protected and marked), sending a power surge through their home and burning out their treadmill and other electronic devices. We immediately assessed and paid for the damage. We lost money on that job. But we gained a customer for life. This attitude is the reason we get so many referrals from customers, building inspectors, engineers, and others.

  • Take care of the customer at all cost
  • Be the first to call the customer back
  • Get the job done quickly and professionaly


During this time of national emergency, Septic Solutions is focused on servicing customers who are experiencing a disruption of their septic, sewer or drainage systems. We want to ensure that members of our community can stay home with their families and continue to operate their businesses.

For your protection and the protection of our employees, we have adjusted our procedures to maximize sanitation and minimize direct contact with customers:

-Our field technicians will be wearing protective gear, which will be thoroughly disinfected before and after each site visit.

-Whenever possible, our technicians will interact with customers at a distance or via cellphone.

-In order to avoid contact with paper checks and invoices, we will email invoices immediately upon completion of work and will accept ACH or credit card payment online or over the phone.

We will be happy to discuss other, non-emergency septic, plumbing or excavation work and schedule it for the earliest possible time after state and federal "essential work" restrictions are lifted.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this challenging time.