Hydro-jetting is a process that uses high speed / high pressure water to clear blockages in sewer or pipe systems and is one of the most effective means of clearing blocked lines. Except in cases of broken or collapsed lines, hydro-jetting enables the pipe to be completely cleared, even badly clogged lines, without the need for pipe replacement or excavation.

Hydro-jetting is also an excellent routine maintenance technique that will keep lines clear and functioning properly. Over time, accumulations build up on the inside of pipes. Grease, sand, scale, silt and all types of other sediments can build up and cause a blockage. Periodic hydro-jetting goes a long way toward minimizing eventual blockages that could result in a line breakage requiring more drastic and expensive remediation.

If you own a business, like as restaurant or food processing facility, that is subject to unusual grease and oil by-product accumulations in sinks and lines, you should consider periodic hydro-jetting as part of your routine maintenance procedures. Home buyers may also wish to consider hydro-jetting and video inspection to make sure that lines are clear and in good condition.

Our Hydro-Jetting systems have a heavy-duty power nozzle attached to high-pressure. Operating at approximately 4000 psi, the hydro-jetting process will destroy even the most stubborn line blockages and efficiently scour the entire pipe interior.

Our video inspection and hydro-jetting services are affordably priced and available 7 days a week!

Video Camera Line Inspection

When there is a drain pipe or sewer line blockage many people try to use a snake or other device to dislodge debris and restore the flow. Even if this is successful, often times the problem will return or get even worse. This is because, except in the case where someone allows a large item to pass into the drain line, a slow or stopped drain is usually a sign of a bigger problem in the sewer line, like root infiltration, grease or a break or dip in the pipe.

A sewer or drain line camera is the fastest and most effective way to find the cause of the problem and to identify issues that might cause additional problems down the line (pun intended). In addition to locating the pipe damage or obstruction that is causing the immediate problem, pipe cameras help us to probe for other issues that might inhibit proper drain flow or cause repeated backups in the future.

Here’s how a video pipe inspection works: A flexible fiber optic cable with a specially designed high-resolution video camera and light on the tip is inserted into the pipe. As the cable line is pushed through the pipe, the operator is able to view the pipe interior on a separate monitor.

Our service technicians also use the cameras to inspect repairs after they are completed to verify that the sewer or pipe blockages have been properly addressed.

Our technicians will show you the videos so that you can see for yourself exactly where the problem is and/or how it was repaired. Upon request, they can also record the video and/or provide photographs for insurance claims or other purposes. If you require this, please be sure to inform the technician in advance.