Septic System Certification Seal

The best inspection in the industry

There is a reason why City Inspectors, Top Realtors®, and the best Engineers refer us. Most inspectors just inspect the septic tank - the minimum required for a bank loan. We take a different approach. To ensure your investment is sound, we've organized a three tier inspection that covers the entire system and investigates each problem that we've seen over the last 18+ years. With our specialized equipment and three tier inspection, we don't leave anything to chance.


Three Tier Septic Inspection

We've organized our Septic Inspections into three tiers.

  1. Inflow (Plumbing)
  2. The Septic Tank
  3. The Leech Field

We look for specific things within each tier to ensure you know what is going on.

Finally, we give you a detailed report and map (if needed) of your septic system to ensure you know where it is and the potential challenges you could face.

Don't leave your septic system to chance. Call us today.